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Using Microsoft Teams to record a podcast

Podcasting in Microsoft Teams

Since the world has had to literally shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching and learning from home is quickly a becoming long term necessity. However, we’re all in a situation that requires us to think differently about how we work, and that makes this current crisis a ripe environment for innovation. Microsoft Teams has become a go to platform for working from home, and it has been especially useful for teaching from home.  Features like chat, video calling, and virtual meetings with group video calling offer not only crucial communication functions, but also some interesting creative possibilities.

Teams is built with bandwidth in mind. That means it is robust enough to handle feeds from multiple webcams and microphones at once. While that is obviously a necessity for a conference call, there is a hidden gem to be uncovered: the possibility to record the audio and video from a meeting/group call. Recording a group call is as easy as two clicks of your mouse while you are in a meeting on Teams.  To make things even more interesting, the video file of the call is automatically uploaded and immediately available for playback and download on Microsoft Stream. In the video above, I show exactly how to use Teams to record a podcast and download a video file that can be edited further for use as a podcast recording.

Teams allows users to quickly and easily record a conversation with multiple participants in a virtual meeting.

For anyone from pro podcasters who can’t meet up at their usual recording studio, to students who are trying podcasting for the first time, Teams offers an excellent and user friendly workflow for remote recording.  Teams allows users to quickly and easily record a conversation with multiple participants in a virtual meeting. With the quick and easy recording and instantaneous upload, it’s almost too good to be true (and dare I say, even easier than a traditional recording setup!)

Teams + Stream for the win

While there are some obvious quality concerns – your webcam and built in microphone are nowhere near as good as professional cameras and mics – the real key here is the workflow. It is simple, fast and it just works. The added bonus is the instant upload to Stream.  If you haven’t used Microsoft Stream before, now is a good time to have a look.  It’s a highly underrated tool that makes uploading sharing media a breeze, and if you have Office365, you already have access. Teams might not be ideal for podcasting professionals, but in a pinch (or a global pandemic) it would get the job done and the end product would be useable. For students who are learning from home, not only is the end product of a recorded meeting in Teams more than sufficient for recording a podcast, but it doesn’t take long to accomplish the goal.

Check out the video above to see exactly how to record a meeting. For more videos about how teaching from home with digital tools, be sure to check out the Tek-X channel on YouTube (på dansk).

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