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Greetings students.  You’ve reached the online course page for my 10th Grade English class at UngeCenter 2610.  You can follow this page as an alternative to the content on MinUddannelse.

You can follow the course as a blog – each week there will be new posts with new assignments.  I am also working on preparing some video material, and I will of course link to media that is neccessary to complete the given assignments.

Feel free to comment on the posts – you will of course have to register as a subscriber on the site.  It’s easy to do, but not at all necessary.

Alright folks, without futher adieu… let’s get learning!

Note: This website is intended for students attending my English class in 10th grade at UngeCenter2610 in Rødovre Denmark.  If that’s not you, then perhaps you have found the wrong website.